Tom Spraggs

for Bencher

I am one of your Nominees in the upcoming Bencher elections in Westminster County. I have practiced law since 1998 and served in this community for close to 20 years.

My practice – Spraggs Law – was founded by my father almost 50 years ago and since my father's passing I have had the privilege to grow this practice from a small team to over 40 individuals.

I am deeply aware that there are fundamental changes taking place in our profession.

We know we are not on the leading edge of technology. There are advances in software that challenge how we do our work and can also enhance the services we provide to our clients. Not all technology is appropriate to our work – but I believe we need to embrace the challenge and incorporate the best of what technology has to offer without putting ourselves and our clients confidentiality at risk.

We also know that our work often comes at significant personal cost – to our physical and emotional health, and to our relationships with friends, family and colleagues. We all know the stats - and we know they need to change.

We need to ensure that we maintain our professional standards, support the integrity of the work that we do, and keep ourselves at our best.

That is why I am running to be one of your Benchers. I am asking for your vote come November 1st.

Wellness and our Profession

A sincere thank you to all who voted for me in this year's election. I was very pleased to see that there was a 14% increase in voter participation in Westminster County in this election cycle- specific thanks to those who chose to participate for the first time. Please feel free to continue to contact me for the moment at

Congratulations as well to W. Martin Finch, QC and Christopher A. McPherson, QC for their re-election. Looking forward to working with you both!